Managing Director and Chief Consultant, Chief Security Consultant February 6, 2018

Managing a full service provider organization, catering to eleven Verticals as a specialist in information systems, information security and its relevant services as life-cycle for more than two decades of service. Innovation, team work, Managerial, risk management decisions, and remediation skills against any risk in the digital world.

Management Consultant September 27, 2017

I help clients better protect themselves against entities that intentionally or unintentionally cause harm.

Lead Discovery Analyst September 27, 2017

Advanced Security Analytics driven intelligence and stories; because I want to know what I don't know. Do you?

Cyber Security Consultant September 8, 2017

Consulting to clients around security, risk and continuity strategy, architecture and technology.

Director August 5, 2017

I run a training and consulting organisation, and do a little research into information security issues on the side. We specialise in delivering information security and privacy training and consulting, focusing on the intersection with legal and compliance obligations.

Security Controller August 5, 2017

Managing security in the U.K. for a Global IT Company. I cover all aspects of security from Physical, personnel to Cyber. I'm a UK government security specialist.

Security Consultant July 17, 2017

Assisting clients with building their security maturity

Senior Investigator July 17, 2017